Know the development of technology

Technology is the craze of the present day. It has brought to us so many articles of everyday use. But as we are increasing with the advent of technology, we are experiencing a rapid decline in the biodiversity. This is a burning problem when something that was born with the thought of bringing positive changes brings with it super negative results. This gave rise to some debates regarding technology whether it is a boon or a curse.


Technology has been described by many researchers that it is meant for designing new things by exploiting the natural resources. Philosophical debates have given rise to the conclusion that technology rather worsens the condition of the living world. Some of the major theories criticizing technology include Neo-Luddism, anarcho-primitivism and many other such ideas.

The critics have also placed many of the examples in their theories. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, The Chernobyl Gas accident, the Minamata disease are some of the strong examples. The spawning of the fish and the aqua life has been totally hampered with the repeated discharge of the wastes. The building of the immense dams with the unchecked walls of the dam overflows killing the people residing on the banks.


Technicism is a view that goes against all the debates. This focuses on the idea that technology is solely based to improve the conditions of people. The people who are engaged in this field put forward an idea that in reality, it brings so many benefits that the negative aspects can be neglected. There are many theories yet to be researched. But it is important to take both the concepts of equal priority.


The topic of appropriate technology has been introduced in the syllabus of the engineering students. It is a very important concept that was given by E.F. Schumacher. According to his theory, the newest technologies that are made from the idea of importing skills from elsewhere are not appropriate. According to his concept, due to the recent developments in technology people is losing their means of livelihood because machines are replacing manpower. This is quite a fact and is very common among the unemployed people of the world. We must go for using such technologies that will be both men as well as machine oriented.

Though researchers are struggling to find a conclusion to the boons and the curse of technology, there is a never-ending problem of two different views. Which way to go? If you take a small example of a curse, there are two positive points. So, there shall be never a final view till the world finally ends. We can just wish to have a healthy world with the technology that can be used in a positive manner.